Saturday, June 28, 2008

Are you good now?

Yesterday, it was nearing naptime and our realtor calls. House hunting is a sore subject for me right now as we wait for a LONG "short sale" process and are also starting to look elsewhere. Thus, talking to our realtor puts me a bit on edge. I've asked the boys to pick a book and get ready for nap, but of course, they decide to rip all the covers off the beds, throw random toys around the room - all in fun to their 2 and 5 year old minds. When I entered the room after the call, needless to say, I was not a happy camper. In a not so nice voice, I had them clean everything up and soon they were ready for naptime. Boston gets really distraught when people yell at him and just starts balling. After getting things in the room in order, I shut the door and left Boston to cry in bed while I went to cool down. I went back in and was calmly ready to read his book and sing a song so he could drift off to sleep like he does so well and he says to me, "Are you good now?" Then it clicks, they weren't being bad - they were just being silly kids. THEY could care less if their room was in order. It was ME who had the issue and the question really sunk in. I smiled and answered him with a kiss, a 'sorry', an 'I love you' and a simple, "Yes, I'm good now." Thank goodness for my children in my life to bring me back to what really matters!
My Boston

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reunion and Dino Week

Last week we went to the Kent Hutchings Family Reunion in Flagstaff, AZ. We camped, road a chair lift at a ski resort, went to the Grand Canyon, had a night of skits and games, played and chatted every minute. The boys say the highlight of the trip was the fire and the playground they had in the campground.
Chad with McCoy and Boston on the chair lift.

The sunset at the Grand Canyon. (We have better pics on our 35mm camera!)

This past week has been dinosaur week in our house. My sister and I came up with a theme schedule for every week this summer and plan ideas for that theme and a field trip. This week is the one that Kayden has been anticipating - dinosaurs. We've created dinosaur tails (see picture), dino dioramas, played and watched all things dinos and yesterday took our field trip to Dinosaur Park in Ogden. In between our dinosaurs, we have been to the pool every day and the boys have quickly turned into fish again. Woohoo for SUMMER!!!!
Boston-saurus, Kayden-saurus, McCoy-saurus

Monday, June 16, 2008

Boys will be boys

Yesterday was Father's Day and we had a really nice celebration for the father in our little family. He got breakfast in bed, his favorite clam chowder, a giant yummy cookie (which I opted to buy after doing so much baking for his 30th birthday a couple weeks ago), and he got 30 movies in a collector's edition to satisfy the movie bug for a while.

Kayden was such a big help in getting ready for the day. He loves to get presents, but also has a big heart when it comes to giving them as well. He knows what people close to him like, for instance it makes me smile everytime he gives me all the blue candies from a bag he's eating, because blue is my favorite color.

We're so grateful to have a righteous father and husband - someone who honors his priesthood and truly takes care of us. He loves each of us with every bit of himself and I would never doubt that he would give up anything for any one of us. He is the one who gets us all to smile (even if it's after he attacks us with a fake cockroach!), he just knows how to bring joy to every situation he's in and to keep me from being so serious all the time! Happy Father's day to my husband and the father of our three sons!