Friday, February 8, 2008

Week One

It has been one week since wee baby McCoy was born. We brought him home on Saturday, after a two night stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, it was not quick enough and the nurses diagnosed him with Jaundice, meaning he was a yellow baby. All sorts of tests and phone calls ensued to try to convince the doctors that A, it is most likely from a blood disorder that Beth that we are well aware of and B, there are home treatments available for him such as the billibed (photocell suitcase type thingy) and feeding. Without getting into it, we were able to keep him from being re-admitted into the hospital and he is thriving. He loves to sleep, eat and that order. I have included a few more pictures from the delivery for you enjoyment. More recent ones will appear soon.
Beth and McCoy with Dr. Mark Dwight who delivered him. The best doctor bar none and I'm serious.

Who could resiste eating such cute little feet

McCoy's first bath

Friday, February 1, 2008

...and one more makes three!

McCoy Daly Hutchings was born on January 31st at 7:36pm at the Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Los Angeles. He weighed 8lbs. 3 oz and was 21.5 inches long. Mother and baby are doing great. I have no clue how my wife did it without an epidural. Enjoy the pics, more to follow.

Mom, Dad and new baby McCoy.

Baby McCoy was so tired after his first bath, and has light hair.

What a face, sourpuss.