Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kayden turned the big 8!

Kayden turned 8 and he believes it is now his lucky number, as with it comes a new set of scriptures, he has chosen to be baptized and he is now in Cub Scouts!

Here is our family celebration and gifts on his birthday.

I made chocolate covered cake balls, which he was so surprised and excited about.

Kayden with a new journal and new scriptures.

Playing his new Nintendo DS. Boston is just as fascinated to watch video games as to play them, so of course he is right there.

New fly fishing items.

Just happy to be his birthday.

Here's our new Cub Scout.

The next week, we had a science-themed friend party. We did about 3 experiments, had them make some cool flying things to take home, had a volcano cake with dry-ice and then took the snake out for his friends to view and hold if they desired (with adult supervision of course).

Here they are doing a bubbling-over experiment with vinegar, dish soap, food coloring and then baking soda.

The kids with their 'zippy zoomers'.

The volcano cake.

The inside of the volcano cake.

We didn't get any pictures of the party-goers holding the snake, but here are some of the boys holding on the next day.

The was Azure's first time and he did not mind it at all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!

Cheers to 2011!!

Christmas Fun

We spent Christmas at home with just our little family and had such a relaxing and perfect holiday. We dressed up for the nativity story and acted it out. Baby Jesus (aka Azure) was trying to escape the whole time, but happily enjoyed all the attention. Boston was an angel, McCoy a shepherd and Kayden a wiseman. Chad and I were Joseph and Mary.

On Christmas Eve, we give the kids ornaments to sum up their years. Kayden gets stuck in things he loves and has multiple trains, dinosaurs/dragons, and fishing ornaments. He still loves 2 of those things, but we decided to branch out a bit and do robots to go with his Halloween costume and that he loves building/creating things. Boston got school things, as he started kindergarten. McCoy loves Buzz Lightyear and Azure got the first year baby ornament. Chad and I share one, so we picked the Grinch as he was that in the Seussical this year.

Here's the boys pajamas for Christmas. For those that know McCoy well, we stumbled across some that were PERFECT!! ("Dear Santa, DEFINE GOOD")

And finally, Santa brought our family a Wii. One would think that having one would get the kids excitement to eventually die down over playing it - especially when we go to visit friends. Well, it's still January, but the excitement has NOT died down. Even with time limits in place, Boston would prefer every conversation to be game-centered.