Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Blossoms and Bud Confusion

Spring has sprung here and brought some nice weather and beautiful blossoms. Being that I've killed every indoor plant in the last almost 8 years of marriage (including a cactus that was a Mother's Day present), I just had to show off some of the bulbs that I planted in the fall.

Along the very front of our house is just barely started to blossom, so maybe those pics will have to come later. However, our backyard blossoms will never be seen by anyone anymore. They were looking so pretty and then Saturday at dinner, Boston confesses, "Since you don't like the buds, I used my light saber (a.k.a stick) and chopped them all for you." WHAT!!?? Who said I didn't like the buds? I felt the sadness and rage emerging and then was wrestling between how to let him know this was a really bad thing, but also show him that I was glad he told me the truth. I tried to help him remember how he helped me plant all these last fall and he didn't remember. I'm not exactly sure what was accomplished (punishment, truth is good, or both), but he does know now that I do indeed like buds.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Break

So we did it. We managed to get back to Southern California during Spring Break and had such a good time. We started off with a stop for the night in St. George and then headed to my sister, Leah's home in Santa Monica.

Saturday night, the boys and I went for a walk to the beach while Chad went to Priesthood Session of General Conference and Kayden and Boston kept getting more and more wet. By the time they were done, they had basically been rolled in the waves with all their clothes on. They were all smiles until we started walking back.

On Sunday, we went and visited a few people in Burbank. Here's Kayden and Boston with their friends Lucie and Will. We were neighbors when we first moved to Burbank and then they moved out of the complex, but we still kept up playdates and Kayden and Lucy have become the best pen pals.
We also visited the always welcoming Smith family, Ben & Kerrie Flinders and kids, and our dear friend who we celebrated a few Christmas' with and had a garden in her backyard, Mary Bench.

Sunday night we ate another one of Leah's yummy meals and had a fun visit with her and Thomas. Monday we spent at the beach with them and then had a great dinner at his Pizza shop, Abbots Pizza Co. So good!!Makes you want a slice, huh!!

Monday night we headed to Anaheim where we met up with Chad's sister Mindy and her husband, Jason. We spent Tuesday at California Adventure.
Wednesday at the Aquarium of the Pacific and swimming in the hotel pools.

Thursday was at Disneyland. It was the busiest we've ever seen it, but we were able to do everything we wanted to. The highlight of the day was the Jedi Training.

Both of the boys were picked to learn to be Jedi's. When they met up with Darth Vader, their personalities really came out. Boston just whipped the light saber around with no fear. Kayden was very methodical. He wanted to do the exact move he was taught earlier and thought through the whole thing, a bit slowly. It was so fun to watch them both.
Kayden got to fight Darth Vader and use the force to 'push' the Storm Troopers away.

Boston was way into fighting Darth Vader. Look how little he is compared to him!!
This was us in on Small World, but the camera kept running out of batteries, so you actually can't tell where we are.
Jason, Chad, McCoy, Boston, Kayden coming out of the Winnie the Pooh ride, while Mindy, Leah and I had just come from Splash Mountain.

Friday we headed back for the gathering of Chad's family for his brother, Shaun's wedding on Saturday.