Thursday, March 11, 2010

Azure's Blessing

We blessed Azure on Sunday, March 7. It was such a nice blessing and a really nice gathering afterward for food and visiting. Azure slept through it all.

Here are the pictures of family that was here for the big day.

Our family - FOUR boys!

All the kids that were here. Snapped this one and then let them run off to play. You can't have a kid picture without screaming ones - love it!

Adults from Beth's side of the family. Jeremy and Christina Jones, Pat Snow, Chad and Beth with Azure, Sandi Candland, Kathy Turpin, Rich Candland, Howard Turpin, Scott Turpin

Adults from Chad's side of the family. Shaun and Cat Hutchings, Chad with Azure and Beth, Kelby Hutchings

Men in the blessing circle. Cameron Lewis, Shaun Hutchings, Kelby Hutchings, Chad with Azure, Rich Candland, Scott Turpin, Howard Turpin

Our kids with their Grandma and Grandpa Candland and Great Grandma Snow

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

February Fun

Valentine's Day
For Valentine's Day we had 3 of Chad's siblings and their families and also Chad's parents here to visit. We had a dinner with mostly pink items and played games and visited a lot. The day before, we celebrated a birthday - Shaun, Chad's brother - complete with a train cake and pinata.

A week before the holiday, we all decorated jars for others to put nice thoughts and notes into. Chad's parents were here to help out after Azure's birth, so they had a jar too.

Grandma and Grandpa making Valentine's sugar cookies with the boys. The kids ate about half the dough, so we had to make three batches.

Kite Flying
While my mom was here for Azure's birth, she got each of the boys a kite. Kayden had been monitoring the wind daily in anticipation of being able to fly it, so we finally found the right day.

Kayden flying his dragon kite.

McCoy waiting for his turn with his kite.

Boston was very excited to go kite flying, but once we got there, he nicely asked if it was ok if he just played in the sand/dirt. If you refer to my post about sledding, the same kind of thing happened. He'd rather be digging!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

McCoy's 2nd Birthday

This is over a month late, but we did celebrate McCoy's birthday - even though it was only 6 days after his new brother's birth. January will be a busy birthday month for us!

He enjoyed having lots of company for his party and really felt special. He kept singing Happy Birthday to himself or to whoever he was next to.

After he blew out his candles, his daddy was moving the cake away to cut it and he quickly snatched some the frosting with his mouth. True McCoy style!

What an adventure he is. He has such a loving, funny personality and we've loved how much his talking has taken off lately. He still is our most curious child and when the house is quiet, the question always asked is, "Where is McCoy?" He can be found playing with the toilet-including dipping cups in them for a drink, taking apart someone's beloved toy or simply smashing it against the wall, spilling anyone's leftover food or drink that may have been left on the counter, etc. We love him dearly and he knows how to keep us on our toes. As one of our friends commented, "It's a wonder that you still have a working television."

Happy Birthday to our curious and destructive 2 year old - may you always find wonder in the world!