Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Layton Marathon 2011

Chad ran the Layton Marathon on October 8th with 3 of his siblings: Brendon, Breanna and Amberlyn.

Brendon finished first of the 4 of them and 10 minutes after him came Chad. Breanna finished next and then Amberyln. Even though he didn't have an official number, Amberlyn's husband Nathan was with her for the last 7+ miles.

The boys and I traveled around to each running, cheering them on and getting to see each of them a few times along the route and then at the finish. It was a proud moment for them!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just being kids

Kayden is on the swim team now and practices are 2 hours long. There have been a few times where we have just decided to spend that time playing at the park near the pool. Life isn't all about the big events and trips and since that's what I've been blogging about most of the time, here are some fun moments at the park.

the 3 youngest

my cute Boston

Azure - love it!!

McCoy at an art/sculpture area downtown when visiting daddy for lunch

Kayden during practices at his first meet. I did not get good pictures of the actual competitions, but he really enjoyed himself and loves swimming.

State Fair Yee Haw

We made our annual trip to the fair. We worked out deals and prizes this year to where we all were able to get in free and only had to pay for 1 of the 4 wristbands. Tradition of course is also going to the all-you-can-eat ice cream for only $3 a person! The kids may be throwing up after (not this year thankfully), but we sure did have a kickin' time!

Dreaming of actually growing pumpkins, let alone big ones

Is Kayden really this big? He still enjoys himself!

Azure and McCoy riding the tractors

Boston caught a fish! (this is a favorite every year)

All-you-can-eat ice cream and toppings and ice cream bars

One of the many rides we ventured to. This one they all did together.

Labor Day Wedding

Amberlyn and Nathan Kleinman

Our Labor Day weekend was spent in Arizona for the wedding of Chad's sister, Amberlyn. It was a fun time playing with cousins and chatting with family. Overall, we had a good visit, except for the Salmonella caught by Beth about midway through the trip. Otherwise, there was fun to be had and celebrating to be done.

Playing in the river with the cousins. We arrived a day earlier than everyone else, so the boys would have time to play before they had to wear church clothes 2 days in a row.
Boston and his ninja moves/gang signs

Azure enjoying the mud

Sterling, Colton, Ryland, and Kayden

Our family at the reception.