Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vacation Weekend - Go CU Buffs!

School was out on Friday and Monday. Besides the playing of Skylanders (Boston's addiction since Christmas) we did some fun things together.

Friday - Trampoline Park
Kaysville has a fun new attraction. Overpriced, but we had a coupon. The kids loved it so much!!

Super-short video of Boston jumping into the foam pit.

Saturday - University of Colorado vs University of Utah Basketball

We went to cheer on Chad's alumni, CU, and Kayden's birthplace when they played the U of U in basketball on Saturday. Colorado beat Utah with their second string in almost the entire game. We cheered loud and had a lot of fun!

Valentine's Surprise

I was excited for Valentine's Day. The night before for Family Home Evening, all 6 of us made Valentine's for each other and tucked them away in a paper heart for the next day.

I had set the table with a nice red tablecloth and planned a candlelight dinner for the whole family complete with Valentine's goblets for the kids. Each plate had the heart filled with Valentine's on it and I was excited to spend the night expressing my love to my husband as well as my kids.

Rewind a week or so before. Chad and I had a conversation (or many) with him telling me that Valentine's is about romantic love and that we can show love to the kids yes, but that he and I needed to celebrate the night with just us. I told him we'd have many Valentine's Day to spend without runny noses and hyper-squeals, but that this was our 'season' for that now and we should enjoy it. Plus, a babysitter is expensive for 4 kids!

Fast forward back to my nice dinner setup and ready to spend a night with the entire family when in walks Chad from work. He gives me as a gift a new pair of cute sandals with flowers on them and tells me to get ready to leave because the babysitter will be coming soon.

I was excited, but kind of sad for the boys. Well, apparently Kayden was in on this scheme too and had done some things for his dad to get things ready and so within 10 minutes, the babysitter arrived and we were off. While in the car, he played a cd he had made me of some love songs and track 3 is my favorite... a recorded song of him singing a medley of two songs while playing his ukelele. LOVED IT!!

We did have a Romantic Valentine's. :-) Chad got us free tickets to a pre-screening of Titanic 3D. Yes, I was one of those who saw Titanic 6 times in the theater and Chad was on his mission when it came out, so we were both excited. I enjoyed it and he wrote up his review of it on his blog.

He had planned out the new shoes, personally recorded song, dinner, movie and babysitter all for his surprise date. I lack spontaneity and I'm grateful he doesn't! He keeps the romance in Valentine's Day!

Side note: We did the nice dinner the next night with the kids. :-)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

McCoy-Joy is 4!

McCoy is our adventurous jokester. He loves to take things apart or run many scientific tests to see at which point it will break, spill or come crashing down. He is full of energy and this can be both good energy running around like crazy or the energy it takes to throw an amazing tantrum. Nonetheless, he can always make me laugh and smile. He is very intelligent and has great timing in his one-liner jokes. And he loves to say "I love you mom" out of the blue and HAS to be touching as we drift off to sleep for nap time. He turned 4 on January 31!

For his actual birthday, we went to Boondocks with Azure and played some mini-bowling, played on the playground and rode the mini-carousel and had fun winning tickets. Since we went during school, there was no one playing laser tag, so he got to play against one of the workers. He LOVED it.

That night we had cupcakes and he opened presents from family.

It's was McCoy's turn this year to have a friend birthday party. After some deciding, he finally settled on a carnival theme! Perfect for 4 year olds!!!

Chad and I made a roller coaster cake - per request from McCoy.
Here's the party crew - one was a bit late, so he didn't get in this shot.

We had setup about 6 carnival type games for them to play: bucket toss, ring toss, tower knockdown, ball pit, pin drop, and the squirt gallery where they used a squirt gun to knock down rubber duckies. They got prizes after each game and collected them in plastic popcorn buckets. Chad's siblings attending BYU were here to help run some games and it was so nice!!

While cake eating, each person had a chance to get their face painted. Chad had some energetic 4 year olds as his canvas, but he did well. :-) The kids were so serious when I took their pictures.

Happy Birthday to McCoy! May you never stop exploring and discovering!!