Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

We HEART you!! (this is our funny squishy Azure)

Valentine's Day was celebrated at home with our children and was truly wonderful. We had a special dinner that we used our China and 'clink' glasses for and made cookies for them. The weekend before, Chad and I went out on a fun date to the Ogden Nature Center where we played a game of Jeopardy with other couples about the mating habits of animals. We won - thanks to Kayden's documentary-loving.

The flowers and cookies and setup for Valentine's Day
Playing a game of pin the heart on the target!

Not on Valentine's Day, but a funny random picture of the boys in their homemade Iron Man Masks. We kept these around the house for quite a while.

Kayden's Baptism

On February 5, Kayden became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He chose to be baptized and was so willing to learn all that he needed to know and was truly ready for the baptism. When he was coming out of the water, he truly glowed and immediately gave his father a huge smile and a big hug.

Kayden in his baptism clothes

Chad was able to baptize Kayden

Kayden and his daddy listening to Grandpa Candland give a talk on receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Our family after the baptism. It's amazing how fast the kids are growing up!!

We had quite a few family a friends come to the baptism. Shaun (Chad's brother) and his wifeCat, Chad's sister Breanna, Beth's sister Christina and her family, Beth's parents, Beth's aunt and uncle, and family friend's, the Lewis'. Other's that couldn't make it, sent letters or wrote notes to Kayden. Here is a picture of Kayden with his grandparents.

Our 8 year old is also a Cub Scout and this was when he was receiving his Bobcat badge. He LOVES scouts!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is Halloween ... or McCoy's 3rd Birthday

Our little McCoy has embraced toddlerhood! He discovers, explores, takes apart, laughs, and enjoys every second that he is awake. His timing of jokes and using movie quotes is phenomenal and every guest that we have had recently has received their own personal McCoy show that usually includes the singing of numerous Nightmare Before Christmas songs - nearly every word correct. We love our CoyCoy!!

McCoy wanted a "Jack the Pumpkin King" party for his 3rd birthday. We have chosen to follow other family members and only have friend birthday parties on even birthdays, so this year was a family party.

We did invite the cousins over for the afternoon and evening though and played some fun Halloween games. With the movie soundtrack playing in the background, Jack (aka McCoy) helped wrapped everyone up like mummies with toilet paper and then I wrapped him up. Then we had put some random objects with different textures into a bag and had them stick their hand into the "unknown realm" and guess what they were feeling. Then, we of course watched The Nightmare Before Christmas with some popcorn.

That evening, they stayed for pizza, presents and cake.

Chad made a Jack cake for McCoy and they both were very happy with the results. Not too many dads would attempt this, but it is always impressive what he creates - cake or other media.

McCoy truly brings joy and happiness and laughter to our home, but there have been many a time where we questioned that maybe he was sent from Halloweentown.

He was happy with ALL the presents he got. Thank you everyone!

Our now regularly read book. This book is the original poem that Tim Burton wrote and illustrated and that the movie was based on. It is wonderful!!

His new friend to snuggle with at night.

Trains, trains, and boys

During a couple weeks in January, Chad volunteered at the Sundance Film Festival. He loved every minute of it and we missed him a lot, but loved that he was able to be involved a little with movies. He missed us a lot as well and made the time that he was home precious.

On one of the Saturdays that he was gone, I took the boys to Union Station in Ogden where they have a great train museum, along with two other wonderful museums with guns and cars. Here are some fun picks from our train adventures.

Azure's 1st Birthday

January 25th was the first birthday of our cute little Azure. He has made our year so wonderful with his peaceful demeanor and his ever increasing desire to learn and explore. We love how he has embraced being a baby. Since we brought him home, he has loved being snuggled, loved to watch his brothers run crazy around him, and just seems to really enjoy being alive. He is quick to give out smiles and to giggle. He truly has been a blessing to our family. His small frame and his taking his time to crawl and stand has really enabled us to enjoy his just being out little baby!

Ready for his party

He loved the balloon we gave him and played with it all night and for days to follow.

The cake we made him. He devoured the block.

Opening presents. His brothers of course eventually helped him.

Starting to eat his cake.

Done! At least with the best parts!