Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

This week finally feels like the first week of spring, finally. Good thing too as the family is planning a camping trip next weekend. Hooray for the holidays. We will be going into the Wasatch mountains and enjoying some time together. From what I hear, there are probably still snow drifts and whatever, but I looked up the weather and it says it should be fairly warm...for mountain weather. We'll see how my 4 month old does. Down here it's nice and balmy as you can tell from my picture of the flowers. I didn't know it, but they rip out all the tulips here in the spring so they can re-plant them again next year. go figure.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weather or not...

#1 main gripe about Utah, the weather. I am constantly reassured by everyone around me that "It's usually not like this" and "It's never this cold this late" but it doesn't matter. I just want spring and I can't even get that. On May 1st we had a snowstorm, and now we are reaching all the way up to almost 50 degrees....IN MAY! So I expected a little winter when I moved from southern Cali, but this is out of control. I made a promise to myself after I came home from living in Russia that I would never live in a cold climate the rest of my life. Guess what, never make promises to yourself. I am now just a big softee that's been acclimatized to tropical sue me