Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fishing on the brain

My son is officially a fishing fanatic. He has always enjoyed it, but convinced me to take him on a sport fishing trip on the ocean before we left California. After hauling in about 15 fish including a 20in sand bass, he won't stop. Literally. Every time he sees me he reminds me of the trip, or upcoming trips, or even speculating on some time of behemoth leviathan he will eventually catch. To appease some of his incessant talking, my wife promised to take him. Since our pole was packed away some where, she bought a launching one that works awesome....when it works. It's like a spring loaded gun that shoots out the bobber and line. They sorta had fun, but after about the 20th time the line got tangled and it was all done for the launcher. Because he was so adamant, I promised to take him today. Of course, today its sleeting, hailing and snowing at maybe 40 degrees. Not cool

Monday, April 21, 2008

Under Contract

We're brand new to the home buying world but have been looking ever since we moved to Utah. There;s a lot of ins and outs to the whole process and honestly, it's a little overwhelming. We aren't loaded so things in our price range tend to be dilapidated or just plain run to the ground. We found one home we thought would be a good investment opportunity but the owners were stingy, so we backed off. We recently found another house in an awesome neighborhood. It's in pretty good condition, but there is still enough to do that we could make it feel like our own. So we made an offer that was accepted so we are currently under contract!! which means we're on our way, haven't bought it but most likely will get it depending. Yay! Whew, told you it was exausting.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Reunions and Separations

When we moved out to salt lake, we did it in stages. I came out two weeks before, flew back to California for easter and to finish packing and then back to Utah. My wife and kids drove out a few days after that. After being here for two weeks, they drove to Oregon and I get to fly out and meet them tonight! So why all the crazyness? I would not have let my wife do all of this if I didn't trust her completely. It is rough though being here by myself, or rather, being away from my wife and children. Hopefully, we will have a long season of being together after this. I don't know If I can continue to take this separation anxiety. I had my bro and sis and fam. come up from Provo, but it didn't take the place of wrestling my boys or cuddling my wife. Tonight!! Yay.