Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Costumes ... almost

The older boys were super excited that they still fit into last year's costumes and McCoy fit into one that Kayden wore his first Halloween, so we went and had their pictures taken.

Then, we stumbled upon the CUTEST Goofy costume for McCoy that really shows off his chubbiness (may not be a Webster word, but it is in my dictionary). Boston also decided he wanted to be a ghost, but as of tonight is back to wanting to be Buzz Lightyear. So, here's them in cute costumes pre-Halloween and of course we'll post their actual Halloween pics here later. Wishing you all Happy Haunting!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The WOW Maker

Kayden has progressed nicely from documentaries to animation. The PTA was having an art competition and he wanted to do an animated movie. We told him we couldn't do anything (per the rules) so he did absolutly everything. the editing, voice overs and animation. We sat next to him and told him how to save things and such if he ever got stuck, but never touched the computer, camera or artwork. And here it is...The WOW Maker

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like . . .

Our first snow at a new home was on October 12 and started with the boys waking us up like Christmas morning. We all got our snow gear on (what we could find anyway) and built a snowman, threw snow balls and enjoyed the snow together.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pure Innocence

The title says it all. McCoy had his first bath with the big boys yesterday and he was just so pleased. The picture turned out perfect and completely clean (in all ways), so I had to pass it along.

Also thought this one was adorable of Kayden on the day of the Primary Sacrament Meeting wearing his dad's jacket from when he was a kid. Thanks for passing it along!!

I'm There

So this isn't a goal that I've been aspiring to reach. I haven't been sitting around dreaming of someday becoming this and as a matter of fact have not been looking forward to it. But here I am officially at another milestone in my life. This is not by my wanting -no one would ever admittingly choose this - but something that someone or multiple people bestow upon you. What you might ask is this? Well, let me give a little background....

My ward here has one official playgroup and another unofficial one - for those that feel a bit too old to fit into the other one. Well yesterday I was invited to the unofficial playgroup and I thought to myself that I'd go to both, as it would give the kids a lot of playtime and I would get to meet more people. And matter of fact, age came up in both events - not either of these conversations was initiated by me. The official playgroup was first and really only had 2 other people show up to it, but when the conversation turned me and and I was asked my age, upon finding out someone said, "Wow, I didn't realize you were that young!" Yes, I had done my hair and make-up and was in a cute outfit. Sure, I felt a bit bloated from eating a lot with company around over the weekend, but you "didn't realize I was that young," who says that!! Playgroup 1... done and well, maybe I am a bit too old!

On to playgroup 2. The kids having more fun because of a better turnout and I'm actually having normal conversations here. Then once again, the conversation turns to age somehow. Everyone says their age throughout the conversation somehow and I learn that here I am, not the youngest of the crowd or the oldest, but right in the middle.

Then, it hits me - not softly mind you - that I'm THERE! I'm no longer a young mom. I'm no longer the cute young thing with kids in tow. I'm now in the middle somewhere - where it seems I'll be for a very long time! It doesn't matter that I have a few kids the same age as the young moms. What does matter is that they don't have any as old as my oldest, so here I sit, happily in conversation with the people more my age and I realize that yes I have passed another milestone, but it's really not all that bad. It means I have more memories, have had more times to smile, to cry, to be comforted and to comfort, to love and be loved. How great is that!!

Another great memory...

Beth and Kayden at the circus together. (We even have nearly the same smile.)