Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Piano Recital

This is for both sets of grandparents. Kayden's piano recital!

Here's a video of him playing. It's starts after he's started the first song. The quality is not that great, because I wanted it to save quickly, but the sound is all there. Enjoy!

Ice Hockey is all BOY!

We won free tickets to a Grizzlies gam a while ago (ice hockey). However, the date that it fell on was right when Chad was gone overnight for training for scouts/young men. I didn't let that stop us though, we had a BLAST!!

Ice Hockey is constantly moving, so the boys were always enthralled AND they are bashing each other into the walls and getting a few jabs in whenever they can, which my boys thought was pretty awesome. We had 4th row seats right next to where the Zamboni gets to the ice, so we were set!

Random Funness

Here are just a few fun pictures to show some things we've been up to.

Kayden swimming the 100 Freestyle at a swim meet.
He improved his time SO MUCH!!

Gma and Gpa Hutchings came for a short visit and we had a great time. They took pictures, but this picture of Kayden in one of Grandma's wigs was the only one we snapped. (I was so sad when I realized that! Please send us some of your copies!)

Boston and McCoy took swim lessons for a few weeks that coincided with swim team practice. This is Boston doing backstroke.

Waiting for Kayden to finish swim practice. Azure found that he fit
perfectly in a locker and the others thought they'd try as well.

Azure and McCoy emptied both of their dressers. McCoy's side wasn't as bad when I grabbed the camera as he was quickly trying to put it all back in. Azure calls this picture, "Bad baby."