Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Expecting Boy #4

30 weeks pregnant

As my shirt continues to appear that the ball inside it is getting bigger and bigger, I thought it only fitting to make a blog post about the pregnancy as it seems it will be over soon.

My first three pregnancies have been very smooth - no issues. My first delivery ended up being a c-section, but I was able to deliver the other two without any issues. So along rolls my fourth pregnancy and things have been a little different.

I have placenta previa this time around - that has only become more severe as the weeks have rolled on. Basically, it means that the placenta (the baby's lifeline) has attached at the top of the birth canal and if I were to go into labor, I would deliver the lifeline before the baby. Thus, it means that I am to take things easy and that the baby will have to come c-section at 37 weeks - so I do not get too close to the end (40 weeks) and go into labor.

Today we set the date for the morning of January 26. If there are no issues before then, that means that will only be 5 days before McCoy's birthday!!

In terms of me feeling different this pregnancy, I don't. I feel perfectly fine and frequently enjoy the kicking and moving of the baby. Kayden has especially taken an interest in my belly and lays on it frequently to talk to his brother and feel him kick. I've tried to get Boston to feel the baby, but he is not interested. He is however interested in stuffing a ball up his shirt frequently and running around bumping into McCoy. McCoy sees my belly as just being in the way. It is a little harder to cuddle after his nap, but after we find a comfortable holding position, he is satisfied.

Chad is as giddy as ever. He loves little babies! He is a bit worried about what to expect with the condition and has been a huge help jumping in to take care of things that I cannot/should not do, but all and all he's just excited to have another little boy wiggling around here soon.

Pregnancy is an exciting time and the anticipation of him coming is even more exciting. We are hoping for a smooth final 6 weeks and just enjoying the time we have together during the holidays.

Visit to Santa

Santa came to our local grocery store for a visit and the kids put in their requests for the year. It took some coaxing to get Boston to go talk to him and was done so by me dragging him up there screaming, but when Santa asked for a high-five, all fears seemed to shatter and the request was then happily made while sitting on his lap.

Kayden kept trying to get McCoy to ask for something, but he just happily sat there and then got his candy cane. Who needs more toys when you have an entire house to destroy!! Come on!!

Boston asked Santa for a Star Wars video game.

Kayden asked Santa for an Erector Set with motors.
(Have to note that he is wearing his dad's childhood "California Raisin's" t-shirt that he picked out of the drawer and told me that he thinks he looks like a teenager in it.)

Gingerbread and Snowy Days

It has definitely felt a lot like Christmas here! We've had lots of snow and been able to go sledding (sorry no pics - I just have enough hands for sleds and kids) and play in the snow almost every day. There have been fort making with the neighbors that then led to a fun snowball fight, days just wandering through the yard filled with snow and making tracks and enjoying some sunlight, and of course the shoveling of snow - all done by Chad this year due to my ever-growing belly.

McCoy's favorite part of playing in the snow is eating it. I'm not sure there's a whole lot else he could do when bundled up like a marshmallow.

Boston shows off his ninja moves with a racket.
Simply just the weapon of choice for the day, as no sticks could be uncovered.

To also go along with the holiday spirit, we decorated a gingerbread house and then it was promptly devoured. We kept trying to convince the boys that it could be a decoration for a while, but they wouldn't have it and because the roof kept slipping off, I quickly gave up the convincing.

Thanksgiving Celebrations

For Thanksgiving this year we stayed at home. In months leading up to the holiday, we had thought we were going to have visitors, but all plans ended up changing and we then decided to have dinner with my aunt and uncle that live nearby and their family. It was a really relaxing day and we all enjoyed the food and games.

Thanksgiving weekend continued with Chad doing the Black Friday shopping this year. After standing in one line for 3 hours last year, I opted out and Chad graciously took over. Friday night was also a light parade in Kaysville that was perfect and calm and not crowded at all. It was a bit short, but was the perfect length for kids in the cold.

Saturday night we headed to Ogden for their light parade, fireworks and turning on the lights in their cute Christmas village. Ogden was a bit crowded, but we managed to find a good spot for the parade and really enjoyed the fireworks.

It was a quiet weekend, but filled with fun times and memories. Pictures below are of the Ogden Light Parade.

The boys at a train in the Christmas Village after seeing the fireworks. They were all so happy - even McCoy being strapped into the stroller all night.

We saw this Layton City float at both parades.

The Nutcracker

Had to get this one of the local Star Wars lovers. Boston was especially excited, but honestly all of the boys loved it.

The Dinosaur Park had a Flintstone's themed float.


We signed the two oldest up for community basketball on Saturdays during the fall/winter. They both absolutely love it and fun is all that matters at this point. Here's some pics to enjoy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Our Halloween this year was a lot of mixed characters, but was so fun!

Kayden the Vampire

Boston as Yoda (love that shadow!!)

McCoy as Dumbo

Trick-or-Treating was a lot of fun for everyone. Chad took the crew out first and after about 1.5 hours, they came back and Boston was done. I took the Kayden and McCoy out to get more candy while Chad (the caveman) setup a fire for our trick-or-treaters to enjoy.

Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza

Our annual pumpkin carving this year was done with our good friends, the Lewis family. They used to be our neighbors in Burbank and now only live 25 mins away from us again, so we have had lots of fun together.

Kayden loved every aspect this year and cleaned and carved his own pumpkin.

Busy cleaning and cutting

Boston just enjoyed cutting all the extra pieces to bits.

McCoy thought that if the pumpkin guts are coming out, why not also put them back in. He filled up many a pumpkin and then would splash around in the gooey wonderfulness.

Our family's finished products. Chad did Jack the Pumpkin King from scratch, Kayden did the scary face and also drew my silly face, Boston wanted a spider and McCoy was excited for the train.

Main Bathroom Redo

The beginning of July, our swamp cooler leaked down through all of our walls and one of those was in the main bathroom. We had to remove wallpaper in order to dry the walls properly and since then, have been slowly taking down all the wallpaper and then picking out how we wanted to redo the bathroom. It is finally done!

Sorry, we never took "before" pictures of this room.

Sacramento Sun

In the middle of October, we took a trip to visit Chad's parents in Sacramento.

We arrived on his Mom's birthday and celebrated that night.

The next day, we went to Funderland and then the kids had a sleepover at their Aunt Mindy and Uncle Jason's house while Chad and I went to the temple and to dinner with his parents and then home to play games.

Friday we took a trip to the Jelly Belly Factory, which was a hit for everyone.

The next day, we took a Halloween decorated train ride in Old Sac, walked around the shops there for a bit and then everyone was ready for naps.

That night, we went to a trunk-or-treat in his parent's old stake. Chad and I and McCoy were a Caveman family, Kayden was a power ranger and Boston a ninja. Grandma and Grandpa were pirates.

We headed home on Sunday, after debating on whether to travel, as sickness had gradually hit all but me throughout the vacation and we still didn't know what it was. It was one of the longest trips we've taken. We cleaned up 3 throw-ups, kids just wanting to lay on the floor at each gas station and Chad being a trooper, but definitely not doing well.

We did make it home with high fevers, but the kids just crawled into bed and were finally sleeping. Monday morning after calling the doctor, we realized they all had H1N1 and had been fighting it for a few days. We then stayed in the house for the rest of the week and 'weathered the storm'. (Looking back, we do apologize for spreading it to unknown people at Jelly Belly, Old Sac and the trunk-or-treat. We are truly sorry - we didn't realize what it was!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Adventures

Here are some cute picture updates of a few things we've been up to the past couple months.

Chad took the 2 older boys on the last camping trip of the year in September. Kayden enjoyed the fishing and Boston enjoyed the fire. They all enjoyed the outdoors!!

One night for Family Home Evening, we decided to take advantage of the rain! The boys still talk about how much fun this activity was.

For my birthday at the beginning of October, we went as a family to a Pumpkin Patch that had huge plastic slides, corn maze, train ride, blow-up jumpers, campfire, etc. Everyone was in perfect spirits and was a perfect birthday!

The boys in a corn kernel sandbox.

At the campfire in the middle of the pumpkin patch.

McCoy making his way through the kiddie maze.

Kayden after going down one of the slides.